Social Synergy: New Cultural Wholes

by Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Kristina Kincaid

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Erotic synergy not only creates new wholes in the personal realm, but it also creates new social wholes. Social synergy is but another form of Eros or intimacy. It is the impetus to bring together co-creators worldwide who are each at the forefront of innovation and transformation.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has developed a method to catalyze the Eros of social synergy that she calls the “wheel of co-creation.” Barbara’s wheel focuses not on what is broken in the world but on what is working. The wheel incudes all the major sectors of society, from education to science to technology to spirituality and everything in between. In an exquisitely designed exercise, leaders locate themselves in different sectors of the wheel and proclaim their unique innovations. They are then invited to present what they might need from the other sectors in order to succeed. The isolation and fragmentation among society’s different sectors is over-come in this exercise. A new form of intimacy, social synergy, is born.

New possibilities emerge. New wholes are formed. Cultivating the contexts of allurement, the social incubators where these new wholes might be formed, is an essential evolutionary need.

Paradoxically, it is only through focusing on what is working best, and then creating new strategies of transformation through social synergies, that we can hope to heal what is broken. A reality that is not shattered and fragmented into isolated sectors is more whole, and therefore more erotically potent in its ability to transform and to heal.

The Intimate Universe

Reality is Eros. We live in an intimate universe. These are two ways of saying the same thing. But since, as author Tom Robbins reminds us, there are no true synonyms, each field of language — each phrase — gives us greater access to the vision and felt sense of reality. A third way of saying the same thing is that there exists a meta meme, which includes all other memes. The meta meme is a larger whole, incorporating many sub-memes into its whole-world vision.

Evolution means that the universe is not a fact but a story. The uni-verse is not an ordinary love story but an outrageous love story. At this point we understand that by outrageous love we mean Eros. Ordinary love is when persons living nonerotic lives believe they are separate from all that is; they love each other in order to gain advantages of security and comfort. This is a legitimate form of love. Ordinary love, however, is highly limited in its pleasure, potency, and sustainability. Outrageous love is the Eros that animates and drives all reality, all the way up and all the way down the chain of being. The universe is an outrageous love story.

When outrageous love awakens on the human level, when we awaken to our true identity as outrageous lovers, the pleasure, potency, and sustaining power of the love relationship are virtually infinite. That the uni-verse is a love story is not a metaphor. It is a fact. Calling it that is the best explanation of reality, culling all the information we have from all quadrants of knowledge at this moment in history. “The universe is a love story” is the most accurate worldview available to us at this moment in time. Generating new realities from within this erotic worldview will alleviate more suffering and effect more healing than any other single social movement or scientific technology. The realization of this world-view is the core of the return to Eros, which is so urgently needed and yearned for at this pivotal moment in the arc of time.

An excerpt from A Return to Eros by Marc Gafni & Kristina Kincaid — one of the key think tank projects of The Center for Integral Wisdom

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Author, Visionary Philosopher, Evolutionary Mystic, Social Innovator, and the President of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

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Dr. Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni

Author, Visionary Philosopher, Evolutionary Mystic, Social Innovator, and the President of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

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